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Blogging at Edinburgh Fringe Festival…

edingburgh fringeIts almost that time of year again, August is approaching and the Fringe has almost begun! As usual, the WT is up there in force, along with other shows from Leeds University. Be sure to check out:

Splinters Of Light

The Ultimately Doomed Life of Charlie Cumcup

The Play About Charlotte

Poet’s Corner

Parents Evening

Leeds Tealights: Scenes of a Sketchual Nature

Myself and Grace will be working (slaving) at The Plesance: I’ll be in QueenDome and Grace will be at Over The Road 2. Come and say hi!  Both of us will be keeping you up to date on what’s going on at the Fringe: letting you know how everyone is doing, as well as furnishing you with news, reviews, photos, stories and tips.

Hope to see as many people up there as possible!