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Opening Day for ‘Splinters of Light’.

splinters of light

I spent the morning with Aireborne Theatre and ‘Splinters of Light’. Their tech started at 10am and they had a three hour window to get things organised. It all went very well (a minor headache over the stage construction notwithstanding) and everyone seemed excited and up-for-it by the time we broke for lunch.

Frustratingly, I couldn’t stay for the performance – I would have had to stand up and leave before the end to catch my train. This would not normally be an insurmountable problem but, an early exit from an audience member today of all days, would have looked particularly bad… the reason being that ‘Three-Weeks’ were scheduled to come and review the show.

This little nugget of information is something that pretty much everyone in Edinburgh knew about except the company. Some strategist at Aireborne made the executive decision that this should be kept quiet, so as not to add to the general stress.

Probably very wise.

So, sadly, I can’t wrap this up nicely by telling you how it all went – I’ll just have to wait patiently and read the review like everyone else.

And that’s almost it for me… I’m currently on the train back to York and I’ve got a few more pictures etc to put up, but not a great deal else.   Hopefully those staying in Edinburgh for the full run,  like Ben, Grace, Amy PY and Amy Marchant, will keep us up to date. They’re already set-up as authors on the system, but if you fancy writing something for the blog, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

By the way, I managed to bump into the Dog-Eared Collective (former WT students) before I set off for Waverley Station.  ‘Apocalypse Roadshow’ is absolutely hysterical and well worth a visit,  so if you get chance… go.  It may well be sold out already but tell them you’re from the Workshop Theatre and they’ll sneak you in.

N.B.  I’ve never actually seen the Apocalypse Roadshow – but promised to give them a plug.