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Freshers week in 17 days.

theatre studies blog - traffic cone

Dear God that came around fast.

Just seventeen days until LS6 becomes the nation’s largest student theme park once again.

Seventeen days until ridiculously oversized, pimped and club-night branded vehicles parade up and down woodhouse lane, forcing tequila shots upon unwitting and frequently unwilling passers by.

Just seventeen days until the front of the Parkinson building drowns under a sea of discarded flyers, and a mere seventeen days until I get hacked off because no-one hands them to me anymore… unavoidable evidence of my advancing years.  Occasionally some absent minded rep (with eighty four boxes of flyers for Rendezvu or Vodka to get rid of by lunch) will hand me an invite to some mid-week shooter-night in error, and I admit this does cheer me up… at least until they realise their mistake and try to wrestle it back.

So I guess I’ll see you all soon. No major changes to report but plenty to look forward to… including:

A season of performances in conjunction with the Leeds Met Studio Theatre from mid October till the end of November (more on that later).

There’s also The Trial coming up which you are going to hear a lot more about very shortly.

Incidentally… Theatre Group managed to get through the entire academic year without being banned from the building. This is the first time in over a decade that TG has managed to get through 365 consecutive days without doing something monumentally stupid – there should probably be some kind of award.

I’ll look into it... The Steph de Whalley Trophy... Something like that.