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The Trial – Theatre Studies Production 09

theatre studies production 09  - the trialIt’s time to blog ‘The Trial’…

As most of you will (hopefully!) have heard, the WT is venturing out into student productions with a production of the trial this year. We are officially two weeks into our rehearsal process, with two weeks remaining… it’s having to be a fairly speedy process…

In terms of what’s been going on, we have, done shop workshops around sad french clowns, done alot (!) of warm ups, and stumbled our way through most of act one… we’ve also played with string, and nearly dropped our Joseph K from a fairly great height. only once though. and he was fine.

There’s a cast of thirteen, including 3 first year Wt’s (Rachael, Sam and Josh), 2 second years (Sophie and Conor) and four 3rd years (Tilly, Flodge, Rosie and Amy M), as well as four english students (Laura, Tom, Ben and Simon).

In terms of the production side, we’ve got a team already working on publicity, and a team starting up on sound, as well as couple of lighting operators… but there’s still plenty to do if any one fancies becoming part of the squad! particularly in the prop building side – you really don’t need any previous experience, the plan is to give anyone a chance to get some training and have a go! There’s going to be a real emphasis on dressing the space, and getting it (Studio One) to look as gorgeous as possible, so it would be lovely to have you if you fancy a wander into the production side of things.  There’s also some more intricate artsy stuff to be done in covering and painting props, so please get in touch if you’re up for it 🙂 We’d love to get the production team as big and tight knit as the acting side.

please get in touch, either through facebooking Anna Butchers, or me Grace Wright.

I’ll hopefully be keeping this updated with what we’re up to – dates of the production are 5th, 6th and 7th of November.

Lots of love, The Trial x