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Practical Essays 2013 (part 4)

These final five performances brought Sunday (and this year’s practical essays) to a close…  although we’ll still be cleaning up the mess from “Spit it out, love” this time next year.


Flooding Studio 1 with piña colada and custard were:

Chloe Davies,
Kris Bennell,
Shannon Mahanty,
Rachael Newton

Tech: Georgia Greenfield


A piece that explores the function of imagination and escapism in the everyday life of an old man. How music and television can be a trigger for memories long forgotten. How one can mix and moild memories and stumble upon an entirely new conclusion. Those left alone. The world that moves on regardless.

The Loss of Magdalene featured:

Barnaby Callaby
Liana Telvi
Jessica Kearney
Mark Pollock
Toby Cunliffe


Alcohol: Why do we drink it? And what happens to us when we do? Using real life stories and confessions, this piece explores and questions our assumptions about alcohol, and exposes the problematic and paradoxical qualities of our nation’s most loved drug.

The Descent of Man featured:

Vanessa Grasse
Sarah Leach
Jess Kearney
Toby Cuncliffe
Astrid Ferguson


“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…” 21:24
This famous line from the Exodus poses one of the most problematic forces behind modern warfare. Follow two men and two women as they face the emotional and physical pressures of war and battle with the overwhelming need for revenge.
If a war had claimed someone you loved, what would you do?

Actors in order of appearance
Mark Pollock
Liana Telvi
Toby Miles Cunliffe
Katie Wall

Technical assistant
Alex Leece


In a modern age, theatre has come to define itself against other media as the art-form of the ‘live’. As audiences, we strive to find more moments that can be defined as both ‘experience’ and ‘performance’ in our quest to find something that is real. Something that is intimate. But is what we search for a self-perpetuating illusion? Intimations takes a light-hearted look at what audiences want when they aim to cross the line between audience and performer.

Alex Leece
Georgia Greenfield