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Things we missed in the rush #1

It occurred to me, as it does every year at this time, that there were many WT performances and staged works from the last academic year that never received any attention here. It’s not because they weren’t worthy of recording… just that we were bloody busy at the time! So, in an effort to put this right (retrospectively at least – I can make no reliable promises about the future) I had a little dig through my hard-drive and selected a few images that might give you a flavour of what we were so busy with… starting with Performing the Past 2014.

Working in small groups, our second year students (returning on Monday as the third year) created six individual pieces based on their own research into Antonin Artaud’s To Have Done with the Judgement of God and Van Gogh, Suicided by Society.  These diverse interpretations were performed, back-to-back, in Studio 1 and the Banham Theatre in early December and provided us with a theatrical highpoint ahead of the winter break.

PTP1406 PTP1405 PTP1404 PTP1403 PTP1402