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WTTV (?)

theatre studies television channelI’m currently kicking around an idea for a TV channel of all things.

Not that you’re likely to see it broadcast on Sky anytime soon, but, it turns out the infrastructure exists to broadcast on campus via the university’s IT network.

The system was demo’d a year back; I went for a look and came away quite inspired. Having now seen the system up, running and fully functional, that inspiration has returned… and an in house Theatre Studies TV channel is now a very real possibility.

There’s facility for video-on-demand, scheduled broadcasts and live feeds, all on a dedicated channel viewable via any enabled PC.  The only questions I’m left mulling over are about content.

It would be simple enough to make recordings of WT performances available via the video on demand facility, as well as relevant documentaries and films etc… but it’s the thought of programming rolling content I find interesting… I’m just not sure we’d have enough to make it worthwhile. Suggestions, as ever, are very welcome.