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Poets Corner – Workshop Theatre @ Edinburgh (Part 3)

James Huntrods has been in touch about POETS’ CORNER, the show he and others are taking up to the fringe. I’ll hopefully have more info soon, but for now, here’s the important stuff…


“There is that in me that shall never expire”

George Gordon, Lord Byron

In a quiet corner of Westminster Abbey, Oscar Wilde and Lord Byron sit, talk and drink together, awaiting the start of an extraordinary annual party hosted by the Abbey’s famous poetic residents. At least until the arrival of an unexpected guest. She claims to be a writer, and impossibly, she claims to be alive. Flashbacks from her life paint the picture of an aspiring poet struggling with a difficult marriage and the pressures of modern literary fame. As the memories become more vivid we discover just how she ended up attending the ghostly party, and why the immortality of a writer may mean more than just their words.


Venue 88

Performance dates: 6th – 23rd (18th off)

Previews: 6th/7th

2 for 1 on 9th/10th

1:40pm – 2:40pm

Tickets: £7 adults, £5 concessions

Previews: £5