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The View From Down Here

The View from Down Here, a piece previously presented in the third year Practical Essay weekend is being performed again with a new cast list this week. It will be shown as a part of ‘Midget Gems’, an evening of plays at the Carriageworks Theatre, and as a part of ‘Light Night’ which will be put on alongside other events happening at the Workshop Theatre that night. Details and Blurb follows below, but for anyone who wasn’t able to come or anyone who would like to see it again with a new cast and some new changes, it’d be really great to get as many of you along as possible. I look forward to seeing you there. This production is the first production for new Leeds based theatre company Card House Theatre (

midget gems - theatre at the carriageworks

The View From Down Here
A little girl views the world around her with curiosity and wonder. But her idyllic world is peppered with signs of harder times ahead…a world of anderson shelters, rationing, and terrifying gas masks. How will her imagination cope with these new, strange images? Puppetry and nostalgia come together to create a unique view of a bygone era, from a wholly innocent perspective.

Midget Gems: The Carriageworks theatre, October 3rd


Light Night: Workshop Theatre, Leeds University, October 9th

7pm and 10pm performances

Amy Marchant
Rebekah Ricketts
Nick Coupe
Ed Atrill

created by Max Dorey