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imitating the dog

On stage in Studio 1 next week: Tales from the Bar of Lost Souls is a new theatre show and workshop project made as a collaboration between The National Theatre of Greece, Cyprus Theatre Organisation and imitating the dog as part of the British Council Creative Collaboration programme. The overall aim of the Creative Collaborations programme is to enrich the cultural life of Europe and its surrounding country and to build trust and understanding across communities by generating dialogue and debate. Please visit and for more information.

At the end of his life a dying man turns to his only friend and asks him to put right a wrong committed many years ago. Saying yes, the friend embarks on a journey that takes him back to The Bar of Lost Souls, a place where, it is said, your deepest desires become real.

The Bar of Lost Souls can be found at the quayside. You will know it when you see it. All sorts of dissolute people can be found there: pimps, whores, sailors and petty criminals, the police and even judges. If you open the door you’ll smell the stale air and you’ll be able to hear singing from the little stage at the back of its darkened room. If you dare go in you best have eyes in the back of your head, you have to be so careful not to get your purse snatched or your face slashed. Yes, it’s dangerous all right. But if you manage to get in, you’ll never forget the experience.

Are you prepared to face what you really desire?

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